(my)Top Films of 2011

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images (1)I am no filmmaker, nor do I have the technical knowledge in things like cinematography and screenplay. But I am a movie goer, one of the billions who fervently awaits for upcoming pictures, to be first and foremost entertained. So as a film buff, these choices are based on my own preferences and views, of what is entertaining, worthwhile and relatable. These choices are based on my personal opinions, albeit influenced  by many…

Chick Flicks
1)     One Day – “Twenty Years. Two People” – This was this year’s ‘Serendipity’…
2)     Friends with Benefits – Funny, Unapologetic and Witty, witty, witty
3)     No Strings Attached – Gave my heart involuntary ventricular contractions
4)     Something Borrowed –Ginnifer Goodwin is slowly becoming one of my fave leading ladies
5)     Just Go With It – This one is the rom-com for the solo moms, and Adam Sandler’s only hit this year!

Not Necessarily Chick Flicks

1)     Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – It kept up with the book in its potential to be a timeless classic, bravo!
2)     Drive – Action packed enough to keep me on the edge of my seat
3)     The Descendants – Funny, Poignant, Realistic, Well-Directed, Well-Acted
4)     Adjustment Bureau – Love the twist!
5)     Contagion – The movie said it, nothing spreads faster than fear.

Special Mentions

1)     Happy Feet 2
2)     No Other Woman
3)     Rango
4)     I Am Number Four
5)     Fast Five
6)     X-Men First Class
7)     Hangover 2
8)     Beastly

P.S. As of writing, I haven’t watched “Source Code” and “Machine Gun Preacher” yet.

From A to Z: Nth Things I like About You

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231063_394075294005980_1545083693_nI like the way you make me laugh, almost everyday. I like how we jump from one topic to something else, in such an easy way. I like the fun we can come up with, I like the games we play. I like the breezy hours, spent passing everyday.


I like the way I can talk to you, like who would even dare? I like the way you ask me things, as if you really care. I like the way you take my hand, then shyly look away, to hide from me your grinning face, before you wrap me in your embrace.


I like the way you look at me, like I can do nothing wrong, and guess what I feel the same,just like in a song.


I like the way you make me think of how I used to be, when all things are simple, and dreams are meant to be.


I like the way we take things slow, though we’re not sure where to go.


I like the way you just listen, when I only want to talk. I like the way you do not run, when I only want to walk.


I like how you are here now, in  a way we don’t know how.I like how I am here now, for how long, we really don’t know now. I like how we have now, for a reason we don’t know how.

From A to Z : One (Honest) Day at a Time

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There are moments in our lives when we think we know exactly what is going to happen. We are so sure we even know what is going to happen after, only to find out we have another thing coming. It is life’s way of reminding us that no matter how much we ponder on things, or thought about our decisions, or plan our actions, fate would take its course. On top of taking its course, it shows us what else it has up its sleeves. Just when we thought it has shown us practically everything there is, it exposes something we cannot even begin to define. Whether we are uncertain, compromised or scared, life has its way of leaving us vulnerable.


The good thing about this is, this is not life’s first attempt to teach us, or show us its wonders. Perhaps fate thinks we are through learning our lessons, it is time to take another test? Perhaps this is a whole new lesson altogether? Perhaps, this time everything would work out fine, or we would be fine regardless. Perhaps…perhaps…perhaps… we will see. We will see is by no means a NO, it is a maybe. It is not a ‘never’, just ‘not yet’.


Often, people rush into things for fear of loosing it. We often forget that if it’s really real, it would stay, it would last. There are also those people who tend to only remember the possibility, that it would be hard, to make it last. To this I say, we have seen and felt enough of life to say nothing worthwhile is ever easy. No amount of difficulty would ever compensate for unreasonable haste. Fortunes often turn to misfortunes because people get there way before fate does, hence the disaster. We have known enough of life, to know that nobody wants to loose, it’s human nature to want to win, and we know we are in trouble when we feel happier when the other wins instead. Age might just be a number but we are both seasoned enough, to tell the difference, not between right and wrong, but between what we can and cannot do.


And then there is the connection. There are 6.94 billion people in the world. Finding at least 1 other individual with whom you can share an almost intangible connection can really feel nothing short of a miracle, or for the pessimists, a curse.  Given these variables, how do we ignore or pretend it is not happening? How do we reconcile our belief of what is right, with what feels right? And if you can’t, how do you explain it? Or is it one of those things that goes without explanation? Connection, understanding, clarity, invisible thread, or whatever people call it nowadays, it’s there. Where it came from, how it came to be, i don’t think anybody can ever tell. All that I am certain of is, it is not of self serving reasons, or selfish intent, but more of unintentional bliss. Whatever it is, it just clicked.


Now how is this done? At first, you only knew there was spark, now you are certain of fireworks, then what? When what you thought would exactly happen, has been replaced by possibilities you’ve never even dreamt of? First, you do not rush. You relish, you savour, you take every hour as it comes. You anticipate, but you do not expect. You appreciate, you do not pressure. You openly ask, you do not force. You give, but you also take. You speak up, and moreover, you listen. You take your time, you take it slow. It’s gonna happen if it’s really meant to. You hope, you understand, you gather courage and you pray, constanly, for clarity, for strength. You take joy in it but you take it, one day at a time, one honest day at a time. Now is not the time to be impatient, but the time to look forward to what you are about to learn.



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